Traveling the Globe???

Before you leave the country, ask our pharmacists which VACCINES and PREVENTION MEDICATIONS that are recommended for you!  The CDC recommends travelers receive certain vaccinations and prevention medications depending on each travel destination.

Common recommendations include:

Hepatitis A – The CDC recommends this vaccine because you can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water. 

Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) – The CDC recommends this vaccine because it may be difficult to access health care services at your destination. 

MMR– Measles remains a common disease in many parts of the world. The CDC recommends adults who do not have evidence of immunity against measles receive two doses of the MMR vaccine separated by 28 days.  

Malaria— Although not a vaccine, there are prevention medications that should be taken prior to and throughout your visit to certain parts of the globe.  Malaria is commonly contracted through mosquito bites.

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