STEP 2:  Salivary Hormone Testing

As described in a number of publications on hormone replacement therapy, saliva testing is a science that has been in use for over 30 years in research, now available on an individual patient level, allowing for the evaluation of hormone levels in the tissue, where hormone action takes place.

While symptom evaluation is an important part of evaluating hormone replacement symptoms, one symptom may not determine which hormones are out of balance.  Groups of symptoms may lead your health care professional in the proper direction, but with a number of potential hormone imbalance possibilities, and an overlap in symptoms with other medical conditions, symptoms evaluation is not enough!

Saliva testing allows for the evaluation of hormone levels in the tissue, where hormone action takes place. Whether steroids are free in the blood or released from the binding proteins, hormones leave the blood and diffuse freely into the tissue – which includes the saliva tissue, glands, and saliva. Hormone levels can then be determined in the saliva and represent the unbound, biologically active hormones in the body. Saliva testing appears to be more reliable and more specific in determining hormone imbalances

Salivary hormone testing has proven to Moundsville Pharmacy to be one of the most powerful tools in guiding patient decisions and physician and pharmacist recommendations in hormone therapy.  While symptom evaluation plays a critical role in therapy recommendations, symptoms evaluation alone can be misleading.  Salivary hormone testing detects deficiencies and imbalances to better guide hormone therapy and dosing, resulting in successful outcomes for the patient.

Salivary hormone testing does not require a prescription and test kits can be obtained at Moundsville Pharmacy. Moundsville Pharmacy recommends female patients test estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol and for male patients test for estradiol, testosterone, and cortisol.



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