STEP 1: Education

"the key to ANY successful therapy..."

For patients who are not familiar with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacment Therapy the first step should include learning more about bio-identical hormones and the approach in beginning replacement. 


Hormone Replacement Therapy:  A New Approach and the Role of Saliva Testing
A summary article of the goals and approach to Bio-Identical HRT - Click to Read!!!


Moundsville Pharmacy provides patients with an interactive and educational approach to a Bio-identical hormone replacement.  We strongly believe that by empowering the patient with information about hormones, menopause, and therapeutic options, the patients will be more prepared to react to symptoms appropriately and make positive therapeutic decisions in the future. 

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Seminars will include a review of hormones and their functions, provide an understanding of pre-, peri-, and post-menopause, and discuss environmental factors which affect hormone levels.  In addition, it will help patients to better understand the "new" approach to hormone replacement therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, and the role of saliva testing in more appropriately initiating therapy.  Patients will have opportunity to ask questions and direct the discussion. 

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Are Your Hormones Making You Sick?  by Dr. Taylor
You've Hit Menopause, Now What?  by Dr. Gilson
Adrenal Fatigue:  The 21st Century Stress Syndrome  by Dr. James Wilson

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