PDS Conference and Pharmacists of the Year

In 2013, Moundsville Pharmacy attended a Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) conference to learn new and better ways to provide patient care and customer service. One of the ideas we brought home was the concept of prescription synchronization - a program PDS offered called SyncRx.

In February 2014, Moundsville Pharmacy shared with PDS and PDS Members an enhanced version of the program offering a higher level of team member accountability and a medication therapy management (MTM) component designed to identify opportunities for medication solutions and better health for patients.  The program is known as SyncRx+ and includes the policies, forms, and marketing materials for any pharmacy to impact the health of their patients.

Over the past year, Moundsville Pharmacy has collaborated with PDS to provide live 2-Day Intensive Trainings to over 70 pharmacies from across the country with pharmacies attending from Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  In addition, nearly a dozen pharmacies have visited the Moundsville Pharmacy to see the process of synchronization first hand.

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Last week, members of the Moundsville Pharmacy team attended the 2015 PDS Conference #pds15.  It was an overwhelming experience to have pharmacists and technicians approaching our team to thank us for our contributions to the SyncRx+ program and sharing their stories of how SyncRx+ has impacted their patients and pharmacy team.  

As icing on the cake, PDS recognized Pharmacists Jason Turner and Katie Kacmarik as the 2015 Pharmacists of the Year for their role in developing the SyncRx+ Program, for participating in the PDS SyncRx+ trainings, and for the impact the synchronization program has made on pharmacies and the thousands of patients across the country.

PDS 2015 Pharmacists of the Year  

PDS 2015 Pharmacists of the Year  

To develop an idea like SyncRx+, which we knew would positively impact the lives of so many of our patients, has been a rewarding professional accomplishment - and knowing it has been adopted by other pharmacists and is now impacting patient lives beyond our pharmacy is truly overwhelming.
— Jason Turner

The entire Moundsville Pharmacy team expresses our appreciation to the entire PDS team for taking our ideas to even greater achievements than we believed possible and for allowing us to share our experiences with our peers.  

What will be our PDS Story for 2015...  Stay tuned.  

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